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Aigo Develops Individual Cloud Storage Times

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The cloud u disk designed by aigo came into market in these days, and this is the first time of advanced cloud technology used by consumption storage market. Britney Spearss plastic eyeglasses , Take a Look and Make a Comment Based on the advanced cloud memory technology, Aigo cloud U-disk supplied "forever exist" data memory measures for customers. The Ultimate Tutorials to cheap ghd straighteners Sales This makes more common people experience the data safety and convenience brought by cloud storage through aigo cloud U disk. The Latest links of london store in This Season: 10 Perfect GiftsTips to Look Great With.

Except the own storage, aigo cloud u disk gives consumers a big internet cloud storage area, as long as you can surf on the net, you can storage data. The total storage capacity of cloud storage is infinite. This is a new apply mode with using according to the need and paying according to usage. At this time, Aigo's cloud USB disk has provided the free cloud storage service with a 5GB volume for one year. In addition, consumers may also choose various storage service they need.Trend Alert! Rihanna in ed hardy schuhe.

The biggest advantage of aigo cloud u disk is that it is the safest solution for data storage currently. Data will be quadrupl encrypted, separated into different cloud storage servers, and offered cloud data redundant storage. Even though the server is destroyed or the data is lost by accident, the data can be recovered completely as long as there is 60% data in other cloud storage. It is a very good news for many users, you do need to fear and worry the computer or other reasons cause some data loss. The important data will never be lost, it can be said that cloud U disk is a revolutionary update of safe copy.

After plugged into the computer, Aigo cloud U-Disk will first check the system's security environment automatically, and after the confir mation of the security of the system, U-Disk will do the work. Once the suspicious procedures are found, U disk will automatically do write- protection. Trojan horse can not infect U disk and when it guaratees the U disk data was not infected, it also avoided that the situation that the U disk could became the source of virus spreading and hurt the computer. In addition, considering the characteristics of cloud data storage, Aigo cloud U disk could select the best storing location for the data atomatically according to the geographical positions, and guarantee high-speed transmitting, stable service and safe storage.

This first cloud U-Disk of Aigo represents that U-Disk has entered the age of personal cloud application. This is more a show of Aigo's ability of putting products of advanced technology into common use and its keen observaton of the customers' market's demand.Aigo has been providing the best service for our customers, provide the most cutting-edge services. I believe in the near future, the public popularity of cloud U disk will also be greatly improved, allowing more consumers to enjoy high-quality mobile storage experience.

By: biming