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Cheap Domain Names - com Domains For 199 - Whats The Deal

The most expensive domain registrars charge $35 for a .com domain name. So when you find a .com domain name for $1.99, what's the catch?

GoDaddy currently has a special rate of $1.99 for any domain (.com, .us, .mobi, .biz, .net, or .me) but is it worth it? You need to read the fine print carefully:

1. First of all, the special rate of $1.99 per domain name per year only lasts for the first year. After that, the price goes back to $10.69 per domain per year for a .com.

2. Next, you only get the special rate if you also sign up for a new product with GoDaddy (like their Personalized Email which costs approximately $20 per year, or their WebSite Tonight service which costs $53.88 per year.

3. Finally, privacy on domains, premium domain names, and reduced price domain name bundles are not eligible for additional discount promotions.

There can be some great specials on GoDaddy, but we always get nervous because you have to read the fine print really closely.

We're a big fan of domain name privacy registration. Basically, when you register a domain name, your contact information (address, telephone number, email) gets posted in a publicly listed WHOIS database. Many registrars offer privacy by masking the information that gets published in the WHOIS database. (You still retain ownership of the domain.)

GoDaddy charges $8.99 per domain name per year for this privacy service, but, if you buy 5 or more domains (at the same time), you can get free privacy registration for the domain names.

Sounds great, but make sure you read the fine print: "Private Registration MUST be added to your cart before checkout in order to qualify for this offer."

In other words, if you get lost in the checkout process (like we did) and don't check the private registration box for all of your domains, then you're out of luck. You can't apply the domain name privacy registration afterwards. It doesn't matter anyways, because when the free private registration special on your domain names expire, you'll have to pay the regular rate of $8.99 per domain name per year to maintain your privacy.