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Is It Still Worth Buying Exact Match Domains

Exact match domains have enjoyed some immunity over the years of algorithm updates. Just having and EMD was enough to give any website a boost. Now, after Google's recent update impacting low quality exact match domains, people are left wondering if they still have value. Additional confusion was caused by Google's releasing a Panda update just one day before, making it difficult to determine which factors were attributable to Panda and which were specific to exact match domains.

While some are now speculating it's possible that the exact match anchor text for EMDs is no longer regarded as natural links, chances are it's simply a case of poor content and spammy links degrading the authority of the site the same way it does for any other website.

Exact matches will always be the best domains to describe a site when the content matches the keywords. EMDs also benefit from direct type-in traffic which is not impacted by algorithm updates. But, if you're looking for a pass and just want to slap up content and a few ads, then your site will struggle right along with the rest of the low quality sites on the web. According to early feedback posted by SEO specialists, the results indicate that EMDs are being devalued when they are poor quality and no other factors are obvious at this time. The update does not affect parked sites, monetized or otherwise, therefore those who buy them simply for monetizing parked pages shouldn't be concerned. EMDs are still the most memorable domains for any particular set of keywords and when they match the businesses brand name, they are most effective.

Google is no longer a Monopoly game; there are no more get out of jail free cards for exact match domains. However, Bing and Yahoo still love EMDs; there is no measurable change in these engines at this time. Time will tell if these search engines will adopt Google's theory.

Domain portfolio owners may be concerned about the decrease in demand for exact match domains, but when a domain has no history with being linked to a website, it's starting out with a clean slate. It has all the same potential any other site online does. What the buyer does with it after it's purchased is the determining factor in its ranking potential.

Exact match domain owners who have been skating by with easy-to-build content will now have to put more effort into their sites to reap the benefits. The responsibility falls on the webmaster to create quality content and to keep the site clean of questionable back links.

By: Theresa Happe