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Quickbooks Hosting Cloud Hosting Alternative To Desktop Deployment Of Quickbooks

QuickBooks hosting solution is now accepted in a big way as productivity enhancement option for small business. The reasons to go for Cloud Hosting instead of Desktop deployment of the financial applications arise from the following considerations:

- Ease of Applications management

- Costs considerations

- Small Business Productivity gains

- Technical support and troubleshooting

- Data Security

- Platform Independence

We will be considering the above issues in details but before that the Difference between QuickBooks Hosting in the Cloud and Local desktop based application access.

Local Deployment of QuickBooks accounting application implies that the application is installed on each users system and the application actually performs all the processing there itself, implying that all the Individual desktop must meet the configurations such as RAM, Processor and disk space to run the application.

The handicap that arises for the Desktop based application access are:

1. For any up gradation of the software there may me requirement to upgrade the desktops which translates into additional costs.

2. Security setting has to be configured for each desktop.

3. Troubleshooting is also consuming as it has to be done on each users end.

4. Greatest handicap arises from the ability to access the application only locally, within the premises.

As against this QuickBooks Hosting in the cloud allows the application to be installed on third party cloud servers and the users can access the application as a local desktop interface.

The advantage of QuickBooks cloud Hosting are:

- Application and database is accessible from any place you desire through any online connection.

- Common security setting and troubleshooting is available for the whole network thus reducing the price of technical support.

- The application can be accessed through any platform and browsers.

- The biggest advantage of QuickBooks Hosting Solution is that the old pc's are as good to access the application as the processing is actually done on the cloud servers.

Thus, QuickBooks Hosting actually leverages the cloud technology for enhancing productivity of small and medium Business. QuickBooks cloud benefit over the desktop deployment is:

Ease of Application management: Not only common security and application access setting can be made on the cloud servers, the level and degree os access can also be predefined. Most importantly troubleshooting in real time is possible from the Cloud network in least time.

Cost Considerations: QuickBooks Hosting services means that the small business can buy on demand IT infrastructure as a ready made solution. Thus no need of setting up the local IT infrastructure, backup facilities exists at the client's side. Further cost reduction is possible as the end user saves on installation and technical support costs.

Productivity gains: QuickBooks Hosting services also mean that real time collaboration among different users is possible. Also Always on application access means that the users can work on their files from any location they desire not just the office premises.

Technical Support: Cloud service providers have dedicated expertise for technical troubleshooting which small business cannot have due to economies of scale. Further, the troubleshooting help comes as a part of the QuickBooks Hosting service without any additional costs.