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Resellers Hosting Traffic Techniques

When you get into resellers hosting you may well as the name suggests be interested in actually doing just that. reselling hosting. So In this case you are going to need some traffic. The best traffic for your resellers hosting website will be coming from a free source. The best free source of traffic for your resellers hosting website will be from the search engines.

To get search engine traffic to your resellers hosting website you are going to have to get your site ranked for some keywords, or keyword phrases that are associated with people who actually want to buy hosting, or resellers hosting. So your first job will be to find your words to get your resellers hosting website associated with. Your first step here is to go to the Google keywords tool and type in the word hosting. Then search for some alternative words that will automatically be displayed along with the amount of times per month that the word or phrase is searched.

Once you have a selection of words and phrases associated with resellers hosting of hosting, you must then go to the Google search engine and type in the phrases one at a time and use quotation mark either side of the words. then search. The search engine will give you a list of results, but the most important thing to pay attention to is the number of results that appear. this numbers as long as you use quotation marks, is the number of competing sites that are also associated and ranked on those words.

repeat that process for all of your keywords and note all of the results. Once you have finished that part you will than have a nice list of words and phrases that are associated with resellers hosting. Now go through the list and mark out the words that have the highest number of searches, Over 20.000 is fine, Now mark out all the results that have competing sites count of less than 30,000, the lower the better.

Now whichever words and phrases that you have marked twice are the words associated with resellers hosting that you can get ranked on with the search engines. the next step is to go through the words and rate them on how relative you think they are to what you are doing. For example you are looking at resellers hosting as your niche.. people who search for cheap resellers hosting. or best resellers hosting, are looking to buy, people who search for resellers hosting review are also looking to buy. but if you have words like free hosting or anything that sounds like you would only search for it if you wore browsing, then these are not money words.

Once you have decided on your keywords for your resellers hosting website. you must then go and buy a domain name with your words in it. If your words are best hosting "they wont be" then your best domain name is besthosting.com. This is only part one, there is a lot more to it, but every step is just as important as the other.

By: Michael CMcCarthy