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The Benefits Of Using A Cloud Server

If you own a small business, then you have probably heard about cloud computing as the next wave of the future. While you may have heard the phrase before, you may not be completely familiar with what it actually is. A cloud server could be the cost-efficient computing solution that your business has been looking for and it could also help your company to become much more mobile in this increasingly mobile world.

Prior to cloud computing, it was extremely expensive for a small business to own and administer a network. The physical structure of the architecture consisted of expensive servers, network cabling, hubs, repeaters and workstations. That does not include the costly software required for each layout. On top of those costs, the small business would need to hire IT professionals to make sure that the system was running properly at all times.

A cloud server set-up is much simpler. A cloud is a subscription service that allows your company to lease the storage space it needs on a secure, third-party server. Your workstations access the network through a secure Internet connection. That means that the only equipment you need to run your system are a wireless Internet connection and workstations equipped for wireless connections. There is no more expensive physical infrastructure and you also do not need to hire technicians anymore either.

You can set up your cloud service any way you want. You can create administrative profiles that allow access to some parts of the service for everyone, and then make certain parts of the system off limits to the general employee population. It operates just like you had a physical server in your building. You can also lease your application software and stop paying for expensive user licenses. You only pay for the amount of time your people spend using the applications. Since your applications and storage will no longer be loaded onto each workstation, you can save money by purchasing smaller workstations with less storage space and more system memory.

Another great benefit to this kind of computing method is that your field staff can access all of the information they need without having to invest in the expensive process of creating a connection to your private servers. All your field personnel needs to do is access the cloud and save documents to the same storage space that the rest of the company is using. Your field workers now have all of the real-time data they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

By utilizing the power of a cloud server, your company can save a considerable amount of money on owning and maintaining a computer network. Your business will be able to run more efficiently and you will be able to administer your network from one workstation. Everyone in the company has access to the information that they need and you never have to worry about losing your data if your server crashes. Your cloud provider does regular backups and protects your information for you, and you can add to your storage space if you need to by simply expanding your cloud account.

By: chickie maxwell