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The co Domains Opened Doors Of Success

It is really a good news for current internet users that after .me and .tv, .CO Domain now got a green signal from the search engine giant Google. It will not only make existing users happy but also gives a new and advanced opportunity to the new users who are looking for desired domain name and fed up of facing "domain not available" tag lines. This domain extension is much worth full for many communities especially for a group which is indulged in the business of promotions and for the companies as well as individuals who are looking strong ways to keep their name secure on internet.

Benefits of being similar to king '.COM': Being similar to the most popular and the king of domain name i.e. '.COM', this domain name brings lots of benefits and has opened lots of ways of success. Needless to say that this domain name is too short and very much alike to .com domain name, speculations are coming that this .co domain name will soon take over the top position of .com.

As per one of domain expert from 101Domain.in "this domain extension has brought a new ray of hope to the users who are not getting their desired domain with .com extension. Now .co has much wider possibilities and this is the right time to register your domain name with this domain extension."

One can easily guess the future stardom of the .co domain. The news is enough to understand that "with the launching, more than half a million .co domains have booked in a very short span and this counting is still running on."

More about .CO Domain: After all discussion, there is a point which is important for everyone to know that ".co" is country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the republic of Colombia and is controlled by its registry .CO Internet S.A.S. Anyone in the world can register and transfer .co domains. There are no any domicile or inconvenient documentation requirements.

By: 101Domain