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Why You Should Remote Backup

Remote backup has something to do with storing a copy of all your important files and documents offsite. The main purpose of this is to safeguard your data from any physical harm that may happen onsite. There is no use for a backup if the information cannot be recovered when you need it.

There are many factors that can lead to data loss. Among the most common ones are virus infection, system failure, and stolen PCs. Therefore, investing in a remote backup should be a priority for every computer user and administrator. Plus, it is not a task that only a computer expert can do and it is very simple, especially when it is done a few times.

Backup solutions offer various features and benefits to choose from. The best option is to look for fully automated backup systems that will provide all of the crucial features which will enable a very successful remote backup. To be able to become effective, none of the basic features should be missed. Point-in-time-restore is one backup feature that allows users to look at a timeline that is related to the backup data so they can recover their data.For instance, point-in-time restoration is a feature that allows a user o retrieve files from a chosen backup time.

It is also important to note that data backup software should be able to adjust and make changes to every computer connected to a network. After new activity is found, the software will go through an automatic remote backup. To be able to guarantee security, the software should run on a 256 bit network and feature encryption components.

Once the backup recovery software has already been installed, the right to control should be handed to the computer administrator. The administrator can set up the files that have to be backed up, assign a location to the backup, and reduce the bandwidth of every client by designating a specific amount of bandwidth that should be used. To avoid storing multiple copies of a single file, data deduplication feature is necessary. This allows backup time to be relatively faster than usual. Also, data deduplication decreases storage and bandwidth usage by as much as 90%.

Using a remote backup system can be accomplished anytime and anywhere. Many products are available on the market and all of them provide various features and services. Compared to traditional backup, this backup offers more benefit since it is automated. Remote backup solution unquestionably answers most data security and protection needs.

By: John Z. Perry